"Indie-Americana to give Little Red Riding Hood the jitters"  - Songlines Magazine

"Ritter is a lady at peace with herself and the world" - Americana-UK.com
"I realized that this was the kind of music that a lot more people needed to hear about. It's got that special spark of life that makes a song come alive, the very rare spark that so many singer-songwriters are questing for, and so few really have." Devon Leger, No Depression

"…thanks to her tremendous songwriting, her ability to write beautiful catchy melodies, and those gorgeous vocals, she is already head and shoulders above the pack. A tremendous album by a hugely talented lady!" - Americana Roots UK

"Clara was crying so I put your cd on and sang along but replaced all your lyrics with 'meow meow meow' ... It really helped." - Jen Efting 

"She's out on her own and making waves - rather nice." Iain Anderson, BBC Radio Scotland

Confidently laying claim to the genre "indie-folk" Jenny writes complicated and unique pop-tinged landscapes. Originally from Vancouver Island, She is a seriously accomplished instrumentalist and supports her clear, sweet vocals with complex banjo and guitar parts. A rotating cast of band members includes musicians from Fish & Bird, The Deep Dark Woods, and The Bills. Her lyrics reflect a lonely upbringing deep in the woods, rife with pastoral imagery and wild animals scratching at the doors.

In 2012, after a decade of playing with roots outfit, The Gruff, Jenny wrote her critically acclaimed album Bright Mainland. In September 2015 she will release her newest artistic accomplishment, Raised By Wolves, a dreamy tribute to an unconventional upbringing, and unusual people.

Jenny loves to travel to old, cold places. She's been to most every nook and cranny of Canada, and frequently tours the roads of the UK and Scandinavia. When not touring, she singlehandedly runs two rock choirs in East Vancouver, The Kingsgate Chorus, and the Mount Pleasant Regional Institute of Sound.